Gulf Industrial & Marine Services Co. (GiMS) Company is one of the leading providers of best in class products and services to the Marine Industry. With its high reputation as a market leader within the Industry, we strive to meet the customers ever changing needs through dependable service and continual expansion of product lines to ensure greater performance and greater profitability for them.

GiMS is your Industry partner. With our vast global knowledge & experience, skilled workforce & strong management, and a complete understanding of the demand and challenges of the operational environment, we are ready to establish close alliance with customers. We are qualified to meet the evolving needs of our clients for Exploration, Development and Work over drilling services in the International arena.

GiMS acts as an agent and distributor for various international companies including Manufacturers and Service providers. The Corporate Headquarters of GiMS is based in Qatar.


GiMS works hard to achieve high standards of competitive prompt and above all technical and non-technical man power for marine and trading services.