Our equipment division offers a complete range of vehicle & equipment's for industrial & construction purposes. The facility developed at the Gulf Industrial & marine Services Co. group which has significant advantages over conventional equipment management control with the help of computerization of parts & equipment's enable us to keep the job running smoothly & efficiently at all times. Our equipment division is shared out in 3 different classes.


The maintenance department is designed to keep vehicles running safely and on time. We provide superior preventive vehicle & equipment maintenance all designed to optimize performance and minimize downtime, supported by our highly skilled mechanics, engineers and roadside assistance program. The employee operates with confidence under all road conditions.


The transportation division is committed to provide employees & clients a transportation system that is safe, efficient and accessible while remaining aesthetically and environmentally compatible with the community. The transportation section is responsible for the long term planning ensuring that important transportation services and facilities will always be available. Our vehicles are carefully serviced & maintained under a flawless quality control system to insure the safe and economical transportation of oil, gas & chemical products by being environmentally friendly and always be in pursuit of clean and more efficient methods of travel.


Although Qatar is a country where many people could afford to spend any amount on equipment, they would not do this because the people who really need the required requirements would not need them permanently or for a very long time. Therefore, they depend on the equipment rental companies for their jobs to be done. We at Gulf Industrial & Marine Services Co. have been bringing affront a wide range of vehicles to cater to the distribution needs of every industrial field, greatly contributing to the modernization and rationalization of our clients. We are having highly qualified and dedicated staff with us and are providing the personalized service to our clients all the twenty-four hours. Whenever we provide equipment on rental basis, our experience would accompany them.